Coach in a Pocket


Coach in a Pocket


If you have an ongoing problem and/or sticking point with your dating/spiritual life, then the Coach in a Pocket package is perfect for you because you'll be able to ask me unlimited amount of questions in the course of the 4 weeks. It's the only coaching program of it's kind in the world. 

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If you true desire is to get good at game FAST, and If you live in a big city, and are willing to set a side a few hours of your day to day game, I will come to you and teach you for 30 days straight! And no it’s not super expensive. It’s more affordable than some 2 day bootcamps they have laying around on the net.

You’ll get access to me 24/7, live feedback, and I can promise you that your game will SKYROCKET within just 30 days!

Gaming won’t just be the only thing we’ll do. I will also teach you how to use meditation to dramatically improve your game, how to use visualization to overcome sticking points instantly, and anything that you consider to be an inner game issue, in those 30 days, will be exposed and eliminated from your life!

How does it work?

It's simple. We have an initial session where we devise a strategy to get the guy you're trying to conquer. You then have access to me (depending on your package) and check with me (through text or WhatsApp) to see what you're doing right or wrong or to provide me with any updates or twists.

My response is in the form of an audio message that you can save for later use. It's the best way to ensure that the tactics you learn are implemented and executed to perfection!