Get a Woman To Chase You From The Start Using Frame Control

Let’s talk about approaching. There are two kinds of approaches and you need to learn this because you are going to be approaching women. One of the most important things about being on your purpose is that when you’re on your purpose, it allows you to go about your life, and when you see a woman, you’re focusing. And that energy you have when you’re focusing you bring it on to the interactions. There are two kinds of openers, one, cold approach, second, warm approach.

The warm approach is when a woman notices you in a neutral or positive manner. so she either makes eye contact, or she just notices you. Sometimes you want to create this to make her warm no pun intended so that you could approach her and she’s more familiar with you, that’s called a pre-opener. A pre-opener is much you getting on her radar. Some of you guys might have approached anxiety. So how do you overcome approach anxiety, lower your time of reaction.