Getting over an ex

First question, how can you come back to an ex in a way that doesn’t center around work but rather hurts his ego?

Look you’re playing with fire and don’t do that. You should learn to take a loss because right now you are starting a war you cannot finish. If you’re only thinking about your ego this is gonna end well for you. Let this go and don’t mix love a business together.

Another thing you can do is date somebody else dating somebody else naturally hurts any guy’s ego and the reason why is because it’s not him like guys are simple as that. If you want to hurt any guy’s ego you just have to date another guy and you notice every dude is gonna be jealous of that guy. You don’t have to do much. The only thing is you not gonna see the pain and you’re not going to see them cry in front of your face.

Next question, my ex broke my heart but he is moving on fine and living his perfect bachelor life while I’m still hurt trying to get over the rejection I am forced to see him with beautiful girls since we work in the same hospital any advice on how I could carry myself around him?

You just have to ignore it like don’t look too butthurt. You just have to look away every other time you’re gonna feel better. The pain is worse at the beginning and what’s gonna happen is one day you’re gonna wake up and you realize that you don’t like him anymore. So give it the time it may take you a little bit longer and that’s okay. It takes time to get over because you’re only human.

Another question, I got myself a personal trainer and I refuse to ever reach out to him again and I’m doing my best to move on I just can’t seem to find the same chemistry with anybody else after 8 months.

It takes a while to find somebody you have chemistry with you have to be patient you will find somebody. It’s not instant. It may take less while now you found my channel because you know the strategies but this takes time.