Give Men The Pain That They NEED! 3 Types of Pain That Makes Men Fall In Love With You

This video is pure evil! Anybody who watches this without any context might think that I’m just an evil or Lucifer himself. So watch this video to understand that there’s a greater concept behind, it’s me teaching you guys the reality. This is just something that you could use and sprinkle it in a safe way if you do it the right way. It’s like any medicine you give too much of it you can kill someone.
So to begin, in terms of creating pain and giving the pain that he wants – it is all about creating guilt and insecurity. It is what makes somebody more viable to bend to your will and when you do this, you sort of become the end-all be-all to a guy. You are the one that’s able to
wound them and at the same time heal his wounds. This is the real truth, when you love someone they’re the only ones that could hurt you and they’re the only ones can heal you.
You become the oppressor and you become their Liberator. This is what I like to call “the Good Boss effect” . A Boss shows a lot of coldness mixed in with warmth in other words. They give you harsh criticism, they make you feel a little inferior from time to time, they’ll tell you this is what you’re doing wrong and that criticism makes you feel down so then when you do what’s right they give you praise and all of a sudden they have a control when you feel good and when you feel bad.

Second is creating insecurities through your insinuations. Sometimes when we’re with someone we need to feel insecure to fall in love with someone, there’s no other way around it. You need to because that’s the pleasure of it, the fear of losing them is actually a part of the pleasure
and if they don’t feel that insecurity you can easily assume that they are not fully in love with you. You want to keep them in this state of security but also thinking that you could lose her one day. When you love someone you naturally don’t want them to feel insecure.

The last one is a little bit more indirect and more Insidious. All you got to do is learn how to
insinuate things and create insecurities, this is what I like to call the “Preemptive breakup” is all about creating a little chaos in a guy’s life. This is very risky breaking up with somebody shows them that you’re somebody who’s not to fuck with. This is the key though, you break up with them, you delete their number, you tell them not to contact you – but you find a way to run into him again. Now a  lot of you guys are not gonna do this because it takes a lot of risk, this is borderline abuse so not recommending you guys do this but I assure you this works! ight create the false at the kind of attachment that you might not want which is obsession the way I see it is that these strategies work when they’re only naturally in love with you.