Give Men This Type of Pain & They’ll Get Addicted to You

To make people like you is not about saying funny jokes or about being entertaining. It’s more about getting people to engage their emotions towards you. Trying to get a guy to like your using rationality will do nothing hence you should appeal to their emotions.

So why should inflict pain to make a guy love you? Because it appeals to their emotions, pain is a bigger motivation than a reward. And the fastest way to appeal to emotions is through pain and pleasure.

The type of pain I am talking about is to weaken them by creating internal division, making them doubt themselves, divide the ranks and their values by making them chase between the emotional values and rational values.

So what should you do? You can inflict pain by giving him criticism through this you can divide their attention because they would be thinking about what is inside your head. Also, you can act mad and if a guy likes you he will try to make it up to you. Another thing is you can get into an argument that can potentially be offensive. You can also create envy or jealousy by talking about other guys in your life. This will put the guy in a sexually competitive state. And the riskiest one is by leaving them or breaking up with them and I guarantee you they will always come back. Lastly is being inconsistent, canceling dates ahead of time, or do not always respond fast because whatever you can’t predict you respect.

After inflicting pain you have to come back with pleasure. Don’t just use words, make a bold move. Compliment them, make them feel assured or even surprise them.