Give Women This Type of Pain & They’ll Stay Addicted To You

We’re gonna talk about how using pain is not physical abuse or narcissistic gaslighting but the regular pain everybody feels in dating and the regular anxieties we all fear when we’re dating people that are there when we eventually fall in love and how you can accelerate that process. So we’re gonna learn why pain is important, who doesn’t this work on, how to inflict healthy pain, and how you gonna apply this into your life.

Let’s first talk about the pain that women do not tolerate. First of all, if she doesn’t like you and you try to inflict pain a woman’s self-esteem and ego will activate and say “I’m better than him, he’s not gonna do that to me” so to apply this she must have some kind of attachment. Next is physical and verbal abuse. Just don’t abuse women, don’t hit them or verbally abuse them that’s not nice and that’s not what we represent. Next is falling in love with other women. A woman cannot tolerate a man who develops an emotional connection with a woman. 

How do you inflict healthy pain? First, see them once a week so they would want to see you more. The second is to develop a texting pattern on the first text of the day she sends you to takes 2 to 3 hours to respond and from time to time you respond fast once in every four times and sometimes you take a while to respond you vary it so she doesn’t think there’s a pattern and then once she responds to you respond three-time taking five to twenty minutes between responses after the third time responding take 2 – 3 hours to respond or sometimes take 6 hours. Next is being sporadic with your scheduling which means out of 4 or 5 times you cancel a date with a valid excuse. Fourth is to sweeten things up that come with contradictory behavior. Talk about the future, talk about how you have a surprise for her, talk about how your miss her, but make sure that your actions don’t show those words you are saying.  The next thing you can do is the art of insinuation, it is a diabolical strategy where you insinuate something and instantly change the topic. Sixth is saying good things about your ex. Next is taking disrespect as a time to pull away. Next is not calling her after doing the thing. And lastly, be cold. Those polarities make the woman fall in love with you.