He Likes You But Doesn’t Love You? Mindfuck Him Into Loving You

First of all, what we’re going to talk about today is how to make a guy from like to love you. So we’re gonna talk about who don’t fall in love with you, what type of me would never fall in love with you, the false type of love you might experience,  how to stay in a man’s mind to create love, and how to create free of loss, value versus threat and stimulating fantasies and creating the fear of loss. 

Let’s about men who would not love you. One, if he doesn’t love you within the first few months he will never love you. Two, inconsistent men. Three, men who are not over to their exes. 

Next, let’s talk about “false love”. The first type of false love is transference. Fast love or people who fall in love with you that quickly is not falling in love because of you.  They just transfer emotions from people who couldn’t fulfill them to someone who you think could potentially fulfill that emotional void. The second type is through projections. If somebody’s living your dark side which you don’t know about you fall in love with them. 

Now understand that for a guy to love you he needs to be thinking of you. So to do that you have to be inside your minds.  You can do that in two ways: becoming something of value or becoming a source of value and threat. Next is fear of loss, fear is a bigger motivator than pleasure, and fear of loss raises the subject’s value. And the fear of loss is the critical factor because it will make a guy go from I like her to I love her.

How do you become value versus threat? The most important thing is to get people to focus on you and make sure you are his number one thought. Threat and value have both meanings for us because they evoke emotions but most importantly threat has a meaning for obvious reasons. But being able to combine and become a source of threat and a source of value.

So how can you stimulate their fantasy for the future? You can stimulate their fantasy about talking about having a kid with them indirectly. Another thing you can do is agree to plans but be inconsistent.

How do you create fear of loss? Make him focus on you and realize you’re important.  If you want him to focus on you you wanna make him fear that he could lose you. So step away and give them an absence. You can also put them in a sexually competitive state. Competition with other men makes a guy like you more because what’s valuable is relative to the competition.

If you do all of this but he still doesn’t love you gotta accept the fact that he doesn’t love you. And this is not because something is wrong with you but you are not just compatible.