When you like someone you let a lot of things slide. You always give them the benefit of a doubt and even when he’s late you stay and when he came he acts as if nothing happened. And you don’t react to it like there’s no punishment. This will cause a guy to take advantage of you and don’t respect your time.

Here’s what you can do, first of all, withdraw the offer. Anytime a man says “maybe” you withdraw the offer to make them appreciate your time and you’re gonna be available two weeks later, you gonna make him wait and realize that your time is valuable? Or if a guy says he gonna be late preemptively you also withdraw the offer so he values your time and never gonna be late.

That’s it! Do not accept any sign of hesitation and back off instantly. And after that punish him by making them wait. Also, remember not to be too available every time and stop responding too fast to his messages.