He’ll Never Do This If He Likes You

Look, ladies, when you’re talking to a guy, in the beginning you got to be very unforgiving. In the beginning, you can’t be tolerating bullshit.

If a guy does this, it means that he doesn’t like you. This one thing, please ladies, no dude who loves a woman will ever do this to her. The reason why I want to talk about this topic is because a lot of the mistakes that women make isn’t really that difficult to point out. The problem is that in the beginning, a lot of you ladies, are more tolerant of their bullshit. A big part of finding the love of your life and the kind of guy that will make you happy isn’t to find the right guy, it’s to simply avoid the wrong guys.

The wrong guys are always guys who aren’t fully interested in you. The wrong guys just don’t like you and so they treat you like shit because they’re not afraid to lose you.

So, I’m gonna tell you what is the number 1 sign that a guy doesn’t like you. And let me tell you something, no guy that likes you will ever do this: cancel the dates on yuo from the start. No guy that likes a woman will cancel a date on her without rescheduling especially in the beginning. If a guy cancels a date on you on the day of the date (especially if he doesn’t give you another date), don’t respond. Don’t respond to men who cancel on the day of the date.

It’s because you want to avoid guys who are not really interested in you because they make you feel insecure. The key to dating is to avoid people who aren’t into you. I know it’s difficult to see it because they act like they like you when they really don’t.