We will be watching Kevin Samuels’ video and let’s see what I can say.

First video is about a woman who is cheating on his husband and sometimes you make think she’s trolling but I don’t think so you’ll be suprised how dumb we sound when we are inlove or we are desperate. We verbalize our thoughts whenever we are deeply in love with somebody who doesn’t love you back.

Second video is about a woman who wanted advice on how she can get back to her ex but is already married. First of all, it’s not your fault you are attracted. Yes you have to control yourself but to a certain degree it’s not a choice. You are wired to be attracted to the highest value guys and guys who can provide the most for your kids. The part that is unattractive here is if you can’t control yourself. And that shows a lot.

Third video is a woman who tries to buy his man’s affection. This is what happens when women earn so much money they start leaning with their wallet. This attracts low value men and these also reflect on your value. Women’s value doesn’t really reflect on their money but more on their emotional state, decision making, looks and how old you are. 

Fourth video is about a woman who doesn’t know what she wants and what happens when you express what you want and you don’t get it and now you’re afraid to lose a guy who may want you. Now you wanna know a guy first and fix your standards that will fit them.