Hobbies That Makes You Stand Out From Other Women

First of all, having hobbies is better than having no hobbies. Because having hobbies is like having a friend group that could give you another perspective if things go wrong. But there’s also a hierarchy of how attractive some hobbies are. And the way you rate how attractive the hobby is based on how much it contradicts your stereotypical feminine role. Naturally, the number one thing that contradicts femininity is sports.

Playing a traditionally male sport makes you instantly more attractive because of the contradiction. And also, you’re surrounded by men so you’re naturally gonna be more attractive because there’s not a lot of men doing that. Playing sports also increases testosterone which makes women look more attractive in men’s eyes. And let’s just be honest if someone is sweating they just look more attractive.

Also dancing, anything that shows like the belly button while dancing makes someone more attractive. But you want a style of dance that has a masculine edge because still, that contrast makes it more attractive.

Though there are some hobbies men may not see as attractive like weightlifting because you should not really want to make your shoulders big and stereotypically men do not like that.

Other hobbies that look attractive to guys are meditation and yoga. Because it indicates that you have emotional control. It will also make you more attractive because you’re not gonna be super reactive and your neediness is low.

Another habit is housewife traits like cooking, liking kids, and volunteering. And it’s I stereotypical thing and may not sound right but guys seeing you have housewife traits makes them see themselves being with you. It simply translates into a relationship.

At the end of the day, just do something. These may be more attractive but other hobbies are better than nothing.