How Absence Plays With a Man’s Emotions

This is the one thing every guy feels when they love you and this is and you can only find out this emotion if you give a guy space. Humans naturally don’t want silence so they naturally grasp anything to fill that void. And unfortunately, when people are too present there’s no mystery and too much presence reveals weakness. This actually represses the emotions of love.

So giving someone space makes them forget your bad behavior and when you return all they see is just the good parts. That is the power of distance. Distance will make you forget the negative things they have done and they’ll feel that they missed you. You will only know how important somebody is in your life until they disappear from your life. Those are the repressed emotions because the person is there.

When you pull away with someone he should feel like he misses you. And this person should contact you and not be all comfortable with you being you away. Then they suddenly call or text you more often because they are afraid of losing you.
By pulling away you communicate that you have self-control and some things are more important in your life than this person. It should challenge them to be your priority.

If a person doesn’t exert effort even if you pull away it can be that he doesn’t like you too much or he’s playing the game either way you react the same. You will also pull away. Because if he doesn’t take action what he feels inside is not so intense. You have to understand that emotions are meant to help you take action.