How Amber Heard Mindfucked Jonny Depp

Let’s talk about why Johnny Depp stays with Amber Heard. First things first, the physical aspect. Amber Heard is a beautiful woman and they meet during a movie shooting and get married that year. But in the first year of their marriage, they got divorced and that is a red flag. Getting back with someone who you broke up with for the most part is not gonna work out.

Before being married to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp had a lot of relationships that ended suddenly and he never give himself a break. He was from a relationship over the relationship.

The next element we have to discuss as to how Amber Heard mindfuck Johnny Depp is his relationship with his mom. A lot of times when people stay with toxic people it’s not because this person is so great, or because this person has such a great personality or attractive personality it just happened that this person reminds them of somebody whom they never they were fully loved or they felt they fixed a problem with that person. Another thing Amber would do is gaslight him. She pretty much punched Johnny and she denied she punched him. Saying “I didn’t punch you, I hit you.” This makes somebody sort of question their reality.

That’s what I believe happened to Johnny Depp. He could have gone to any woman to get that top thoroughly enjoyed but there is something about getting a top for somebody whom you want their validation. It is completely different.