How Chasing a Man Changes The Way He Feels About You

How does chasing a man change the way that he views you? And what I mean by chasing is over pursuing like when he is not responding but you kept initiating the contact. The moment you feel the guy doesn’t like you and you keep trying to make him like you. So let’s talk about how this affects what he feels about you and it’s never a positive type of effect.

You see essentially chasing means you’re fighting for somebody’s attention. I mean it’s normal trying to get someone’s attention the issue is not finding the hint that he doesn’t like you. Attraction should feel like a shock wherein you’re not even trying but you’re just being yourself. So what happens if you overpursue?

One, the person gets cocky when he senses that you’re chasing too much the way he views your value lowers. If you keep initiating the contact and question you. And that letdown is a huge disappointment and resentment. That resentment turns into passive aggression where you just start playing them.

And when they sense the weakness in you the next thing they’ll do is test it. And this “test” is gonna determine everything that will happen. If you fail, they’re gonna think you’re pathetic. Because they thought you’re high value because of the uncertainty aspect now if you’re over pursuing they’ll think you fooled them. So they’ll stay with you but will start looking now for somebody to replace you. Or maybe benefit from you and disrespect you.

Now if you continue tolerating all these inconsistencies and disrespect he’ll just continue to test you more. Because everyone just wants somebody whom they respect and that’s the whole point of this. If you give them this respect and opportunity to respect you he will love you. So if you pass this so-called “test” they’ll respect you and find you even more attractive but that doesn’t mean they will not test you again.

You have to make sure that you value self-respect more than anyone. And that you value him respecting you more than the relationship.