How do I know if my penpal likes me? (And no, he’s not in prison)

First of all, go out there and meet people. I don’t understand why people talk on their phones like go out there. You’re not in prison. You’re just wasting your time.

Girls, you must stop talking to him for a few weeks before meeting him because it makes life difficult for men. How many guys are you doing that with? And the other part is you end up with someone who just wants sx, and you thought you were talking to him, but in reality, you were talking to his dck.

So it’s like, it’s better to me to stop it with these pen pals like a relationship because it’s just a waste of time. Just stop it over the phone and say let’s meet up and keep it in meaning. If he doesn’t want to meet up, then don’t talk to him or don’t respond. I’ll tell you this, and he cannot fall in love with you by just texting a calling. He has to be with you in person. He needs to feel you and a connection with the physical person. Online and texting are just a complete waste of time.