How Feminine Pleasure Plays With a Man’s Mind – Male Psychology #6

When it comes to appealing through a man’s emotion which is only through pain and pleasure. A lot of women either go on the side of pain which make guys actually get addicted to them but they get so submissive that the women don’t even want them. While some women use warmth to draw the guy in but the guy will be too dominant because you have no coldness to you. You got to learn to use both principles.

So how does pleasure affects the man’s mind relative to pain? First of all, pleasure draws you in. It’s nice to have a good personality with a hint of coldness because too much pleasure runs the risk of him taking you for granted. You will want to use pleasure as a weapon to create that bond. You can’t just always give pleasure you just validate them so when you pull away and you inflict pain they will see your value.

Giving them the pain will make them value you and you’re opinion. If you invalidate him he will actually care and exert an effort for you to praise him. So remember it is what keeps them coming back for more.

Another thing with pleasure is it prevents a guy from being resentful with you. Inflicting pain and promising pleasure creates obsession. Making them biased in how they see you. This way using pleasure hides what you’re actually doing.

Pleasure is also what a guy will use to reminisce about you and your brain will exaggerate those goods time especially when you pull away. The pain is what will bring you into his mind and the pleasure will make him want to be with you. It’s a double force where pleasure will make him miss you and pain will make him wanna come to you just to ease it. Pleasure will also make them endure the pain they feel. Because of this, the guy will not be able to see you’re manipulation and how you’re playing him.