Let’s talk about a strategy to make him fall in love with you naturally. First of all, there are people out there in the world that will never love you and you just don’t vibe. So the problem you hinder that naturalness because you stick with the wrong person because you’re ego is involved and you’re not giving chance to the right guy. Or you’re messing it up because you’re being too needy.

So here is the first strategy is to know what you want and know what is good for you. Write what you want and believe you’re gonna meet him. Say that you want this kind of guy or better. Be clear about your intentions but also be open about what the universe will give to you.

Next thing most of the girls won’t agree with this but always go on the slow route. Let a guy see you once a week at most in the first two months and let him initiate the contact in the first month. Because you don’t wanna give him pressure and the distance will make him develop his feeling for you.

That’s all you gotta do be more relaxed and be more regal for the first two months and after that be vulnerable. You want them to feel sympathy and empathy for you. Just make sure you don’t tell them that you like them and just keep it casual. You have to understand that the way to your goal is the indirect route. You wanna make him realize your importance and you keep them in love by keeping this distance.