How Hurting His Ego Plays With a Man’s Mind – Male Nature 5

Today we’re gonna talk about how pain affects a man’s mind. How the panic of losing someone makes them more valuable. So inflicting pain creates a sense of urgency and desperation. But the problem with you ladies is you try to remove all the doubt because you feel like it’s the right thing to do and the error with that is people only change when they feel like they have to.

A guy will not be able to fully control how much he likes you unless there’s pressure to do it and that pressure is pain. If a guy doesn’t feel that or the threat of losing you they start focusing on frivolous things that they should not be focusing on. So you have to let them know that one day everything will end that’s why they have to show appreciation.

So where is the source of the sense of urgency? It is in the present moment. Putting them in the present moment by inflicting pain and making them realize that if they don’t focus on you, you’re gonna leave. And once they sense that they get grounded in reality forcing him to have a decision.

What I am trying to say to you is don’t go out of the way trying to make him comfortable. If you feel offended say it or if you wanna go on vacation with your friends do it. Saying “no” will make him feel insecure and needy and that is pain. And these will not push him away but make him want to please you.

When you inflict pain it makes you the primary focus of their lives. You will have more influence and power against them. This will make them run towards you just to feel better.