How Jada Mindfucked Will Smith Into Loving Her

Unfortunately, whenever you live with somebody or stay in a relationship with somebody, this is what ends up happening, and the reason why is that when somebody doesn’t like you, you sense it. You sense that nothing you do is enough. They try to do mental gymnastics with you but since they don’t really you, they express the pain they feel by being with you and the frustration of not having what they want they express it through hurting.

Notice the people that didn’t love you back, you worked so hard for their validation. When somebody is half-assed loving you, you naturally feel that insecurity. Especially if they verbally express that they love you and then nonverbally through their behavior they show what they really feel. It mindfucks you because you’re trying to piece the pieces together and they don’t end up which leads to frustration. This leads to you thinking about this person more and getting very emotional, very sensitive. And the problem is that people stay with that.

That’s why I always say never stay with somebody who doesn’t show you they like you a lot. Don’t stay with somebody who kind of shows you, they like you. Sometimes that shows you they like you today and get into a bad mood and suddenly they’re distant. Because you are letting them mindfuck you.