How Men Behave When They Realize They Don’t HAve Power Over You

Let’s talk about a very interesting topic: how men behave when they realize they don’t have power over you. They lose their power over you for the most obvious reason, you got over him. This is quite common when exes come back to you. When a guy leaves you or you leave a guy (usually not because you want to but because of some certain situation), what tends to happen is that the guy senses that you now see how pathetic he really is once the veil of power has been taken away. He also sees how powerful you are now and he sees how pathetic you look at him. They try to bring you back to your dependent state, they try to do everything possible to put you in that emotional state that caused you to give up your power over before.

Is this relatable or does this sound familiar to you? Watch this video to learn how to detect such ulterior motives from your “old flame” – and hopefully how not to fall victim for the second time.