How Men Behave When They’re Serious About You

The big reason why it is so hard to see if a guy likes you is that you are not looking at his actions you’re just looking at them through your hopes and desires.

The first sign that he wants to be you is not just he is inviting you to hang out but when you don’t feel to use any games just to keep his interest up. Because when you feel like you don’t need to do that you see that he likes you but even if you feel you still can definitely use some of the strategies. Because if you feel comfortable and you’re going to f*ck it up. So even if you feel like you don’t need to use any games you should use any games.

The second sign is when he opens up to you first. And you could tell the way he looks at you in the eye and stuffs like that. Along the same line when you open up he opens up too. So you can’t be opening up then he doesn’t open up as well.

The third sign is he initiates most of the conversation about transitioning the relationship. He openly tells you that he wants to be your boyfriend.

The fourth sign is when he talks about the future with you. Asking you questions about your plans, and trying to convince you to move closer to him is a sign he wants something more with you. The thing is if he is talking about the future in the first week that’s a problem. The healthy place to bring up the future is in about one month or three months into it. But if he takes too long then he may not like you that much.

The fifth sign is he follows through and doesn’t break any promise like he doesn’t make a promise but when he did he follows through. Promises are something people use to manipulate your emotions. See if he promises something a guy who likes you will do that.

Ladies, whenever you’re feeling like you have to do a little bit more to keep his interest back off. Don’t give in to it because whenever you feel you have to do more it’s because one your insecurities or he’s not giving you that much. And sometimes you just have to accept that some people don’t like you. If a guy wants to be your boyfriend, it’s obvious.