How Men EXPOSE Their Weaknesses

How do men unconsciously reveal certain weaknesses to women that cause women to get turned off?

A lot of time we think we’re projecting confidence but one of the hardest things in life is to get real feedback from the world. There’s a gap between how you see yourself and how people see you. So we’re gonna talk about how you reveal those weaknesses and how you can prevent them. There are four ways we reveal our weaknesses and here it is.

The first one is non verbally. When you are the one who is lacking confidence it is just leaking out. The real issue about communicating your weakness through your nonverbals is about sending too many signals. You’re always trying to let people know what’s going into your head. We mostly communicate with our faces so lower your nonverbals and start doing less. As simple as that because desperate energy never comes from you doing too little it always comes from you doing too much.

Another thing is the way you speak. You have to speak more relaxed and avoid speaking in a high-pitched voice. Taking your time to speak and speaking in a low pitch communicates power and confidence so people will take you more seriously.

The second one is your words when you keep saying what you want and the purpose of why you’re dating. Guys, don’t come across as too rigid looking like you only want one thing only becomes it makes you look weak. Always communicate that you’re open to whatever and by doing that you just communicate power.

The third one is the way you communicate weakness through your reaction to another person’s coldness. So when these persons start being cold to you your reaction is gonna tell them everything they need about you so you better calm down. Getting mad at their coldness and being emotional expose your weakness.

The last one is how you behave around your friends. Acting differently with the person you’re dating and your friends actually determines your social ranks and weakness. So you wanna be observant in this type of thing.