How Mirroring Men Plays With Their Emotion

Mirroring somebody is the most powerful way to prevent manipulation, give you the upper hand in relationships, and be able to read people according to what they show you. So now we will talk about how mirroring plays in a man’s mind and how it gives you the advantage.

This is the point of mirroring and one is to help you find out if the person really likes you. Because you notice that if someone likes you and you mirror them everything starts to escalate. But also things will start to de-escalate fast because you’re not following your emotions and a lot of time they’re gonna leave you.

And this is why a lot of times when you mirror somebody you exaggerate the things they do so if he called you twice a week you only call him once. What happened is when people feel like they’re losing you they backward rationalize and they think that the reason why they’re in that dynamic is that they like you.

Understand that doing this is hard and it hurts because you are fighting your instincts and a lot may not be able to do this because it takes discipline. So if he mimics you back it’s not because he doesn’t like you.

This is also why the person we don’t like ends up falling in love more because you mirror them more. Because if that person shows you to interest you will not give it back because you feel more valuable and you don’t have this emotional investment. On contrary, when you like the person you only mirror their good behavior and when they show negative signs you go in the opposite direction and give more attention. And mirroring their interest cause the person to actually pull away even more.

Remember to mirror the negative things they do and don’t mirror when they show interest. If they’re showing interest show it too but a level below them. You will still mirror them to a certain extent so you will not be so cold.