How Over Pursuing a Woman Changes The Way She Sees You

It’s okay to pursue a woman and ask her out but it’s another thing to still try to get her out when she already told you she’s busy. So we’re gonna talk about what happens when a women sense that you’re over-pursuing.

You see it’s natural to ask a woman out but the problem is you sticking around even if she already shows her uncertainty. Over-pursuing is when you do not let women come to you or give them space to chase because you’re always there and you’re always persistent. So what happens when you over-pursue?

One, the person gets cocky. Chasing lowers your value and they’re gonna think something is wrong with you. You see when they sense weakness in you they’ll test you. And they raise their price and see how far can you get.

This test will determine everything that will happen. If you pass they will respect you but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop testing you. But if you fail they will think you’re pathetic and even though they stay with you they will secretly look for someone to replace you. And just continue to take advantage of you.

Always remember that people want somebody whom they respect. And if you give them the gift of respecting you they will appreciate it. Humans cannot respect and say no to somebody whom they can take advantage of without getting hurt in the process. So you have to make sure to value self-respect over relationship and him/her respecting over anything.

Do not tolerate inconsistencies because it is the only thing that can change them. You cannot change the way they treat you by complaining.