How Physical Absence Plays With a Man’s Mind – Male Nature 4

A strong presence brings honor and respect but too much presence can have the reverse effect, The more your man sees you the less respect he is going to have for you. My purpose for doing this is to show you the power that absence has in the mind of men.

Let’s begin with man’s biology about absence and presence. When men don’t see their women their body creates more sperm. So evolutionarily absence creates more interest and desire.

The next thing you gotta understand is letting your unavailability do the dirty work for you. It’s not only your absence that turns him on physically but also makes them like you more. You can’t let them see you on a treat as anybody else force them to respect you by threatening to leave or using absence.

Also having a good presence is one thing. If you have a good presence around people and they enjoy your company but you’re not always available people will think about you when you’re not around. This is when they start missing you so when you’re there they value your presence.

Make yourself less accessible and deep down the guy will feel like he is losing you causing paranoia. That’s going to create anxiety even though he knows it’s not true it is his mind torturing him. So he will chase for this thought to go away.

Remember doing a lot would not make it better, change your mentality. Less is more. So let your unavailability do the work for you and let his mind goes against itself by using absence. And have a life and have fun on your own and he will fall in love with you without you doing much effort.