How Preselection Plays With a Woman’s Mind

Women hate the feeling of being replaceable. When women feel that they can be replaced by other women makes them instantly more attracted to you. So how can you project that feeling of replaceability?

You have to really feel that you could replace her. Understand that there are plenty of other women and that women are attracted to value. Trust the reality that if you raise your value you’re gonna be able to attract more women.

What I want you to understand is that when a woman feels like you can’t replace her in your life she will automatically start disrespecting you. And this is the problem with most guys, they treat women like they’re not replaceable and let them know that you can’t replace them. That makes her feel good but she also loses his respect for you.

The next thing is seeing women as a “whole”. I want you to stop seeing her as a unique person. So when a woman stops texting you do not blame yourself, you can go ahead and reassess the situation then relax and expand your awareness. Realize that this is a microcosm of the whole spectrum and she’s just part of it.

What women want you to do is desperate her from the whole saying she’s different. But no, keep her in the whole so you could keep some perspective and remember that she’s only a human. And whatever happens, it is just a pattern and human nature.

Never blame yourself because then you became a victim and women will start manipulating you even better.