How to Be Direct With a Guy Without Looking Needy

We’re gonna be talking about not only how to be direct but when to be direct. Look, I would prefer for you not to be direct with people who don’t know your social circle. Now if you happen to meet a guy inside your social circle you can start off by giving him hints like prolonged looks since guys associate that with attraction. If he still didn’t get that, you can invite him on a group outing or an activity but you never asked a guy on a date. And if he likes you he will ask you to do something after the activity. After you do that you’re done inviting him out and you let him do the rest.

Now let’s focus on when you should be direct. So when you try to get him to chase without being overly aggressive and you notice that he’s not chasing you back then you stop playing the game. Doing the said “game” is letting him chase with the fun so you know that he wants you. But putting it out there too much loses the fun of it. So when you should stop playing these tactics?

The first one is when he’s too shy and doesn’t get the hints you’ve been sending. He might react to you by acting jealous but he won’t ask you out or make a move. So when you notice that he is showing interest but not really making a move then you have to drop the games. You want to give him a chance and put it out there. And if he still doesn’t ask you out after that then you save yourself time.

The second thing is when you’re already married or in a relationship with him. The only games I would recommend when you’re already together are giving him space, not suffocating him, and learning to pull away. But if you want him to show interest more then you just have to tell them that.

Giving your man space is giving him time to live his life and also giving yourself time to do things on your own. It’s strategic because by doing this he will think about you more and what you’re doing as long you don’t have a history of cheating. Have your own alone time. Now if he’s still always busy and you just have to keep repeating yourself you just have to leave.

The third thing is to drop the games when he’s not reacting. Let’s say you text him and don’t contact him after that then he won’t contact you either. So it’s just whether he likes you or not. So be direct and ask him because a guy doesn’t react if he doesn’t like you or he just has other things in his life.

Sometimes you’re afraid to face it because you don’t want to get rejected. But you won’t have to be afraid just be direct and it will prevent you from wasting time with guys who aren’t really interested.