How to be His #1 Priority, Not His 2nd Option! – 6 Ways To Stand Out From Other Women

We’re going to talk about how to be his #1 priority and not his 2nd option. First things first are being his number one priority, women misunderstand what guys find attractive.

The first thing is a natural chemistry. What is it? It’s something that you can’t predict. It’s a biological thing, it’s a chemical inside of us that some people make us feel incredible some people don’t.

The second one is, don’t tolerate disrespect. Sometimes, the guy feels chemistry but he wants to see whether or not he can take advantage of you. It’s a habit of some people to test people. They’ll test to see whether or not they can get the power, because everyone in the relationship wants power.

The third one is, maintain the texting pattern. The texting pattern is, the first text of the day, 2-3 hours to respond. Go back and forth with him 3 times taking 5-20 minutes per response. From time to time, if after 3 times of taking 2-3 hours to respond every day, the first thing in the morning, respond fast.

The fourth one is, don’t tell him how much you like him, show it! Keep your mouth shut, not tell them how much you like them. And if you give them a gift, make sure to let them know that it’s not because you like them. Just show them that you love them.

The fifth one is, pull away. Have days where you’re cold, when you see him, just act out of character. Validate him with your actions.

The last and sixth one, embrace your masculinity. When a woman is too feminine, and guys feel like he can take advantage of her and a guy sees that as boring. A little bit of masculinity in a woman’s character makes her look interesting, makes her look dynamic.