How to be More Feminine and Less Intimidating to men

Today we’re gonna talk about how to be more feminine and this is because a lot of times when a woman is masculine it’s usually because of their character, they been physically abused, or a variety of other factors. But the common thing amongst masculine women is extreme defensiveness and sensitivity when being told what to do. And what happened is because of your need for control you can’t let it go.

One thing is this I am not gonna tell you my recipe but what will I recommend to you is therapy. If you’re a masculine woman it means you have a lot of defensiveness in you and pain that you haven’t processed properly. And what I could also recommend is to be present because think about it the defensiveness comes because you are resisting the emotion or the experience. You could also practice meditation to calm yourself because you gotta let go of the need for control.

The next thing I recommend is doing yoga because it can calm your mind. You have to be consistently present at the moment and I highly recommend the book called the power of now by Eckart Tolle or his other book called practicing the power of now. This talk is about how to be present in the moment. And I am telling you that if you read this book and you apply it you would be more receptive.

Remember that this is a long process and you can’t change over time and it takes time. You just have to calm yourself and be present in the moment.