How to Be The Highest Value Man In a Room Dating Advice for 2021

I’m gonna teach you guys 3 ways to be the most attractive man in the room. Look, if I knew this when I was younger, my life would be different but these are the 3 ways for you to become the highest value man in the room.

The first one is this: move to where you’re wanted. I know it’s crazy, some of you guys might not be able to do this, but this is pretty much the easiest way to raise your value if you have the money: travel somewhere. What happens is that you just easily stand out. You’re obviously different.

The second thing is to join an organization and lead the organization OR create your own organization. You don’t have to be good. You could just join a group and move your way up and become a leader. Put yourself around people and move your way up the ladder. To become the highest value man in the group, all you gotta do is just wait and play the political game. As long as you’re competent and you lead, you’re gonna be one of the highest value man at least.

Now, the best way to become a high value man is to develop a skill set and surround yourself with people. you want to work on developing a skill and becoming the best. It’s not that hard. By simply being the best at something and surrounding yourself around people who value it, you’re gonna be the highest value man.

The key is this: do not rush it.