Let’s talk about how to be a nice girl with an edge. A lot of you ladies are just one dimensional. A lot of you ladies just have only one gear of running things and that’s being nice, being differential and giving into the guys consistently.

Let me teach you a simple strategy that a girl that I’m seeing uses against me that works and that could give you an edge The girl that I’m seeing is super nice and in the beginning, I will do subtly disrespectful things and she wouldn’t call me out on it. She wouldn’t call me out on my bullshit so it got to the point where mentally, I sort of didn’t have that much respect for her until she did what I’m about to tell you.

I’m not gonna lie, this is the best combination: if you’re a nice girl then you won’t need to change your personality if you do this. Nice girls give guys certainty. You, nice, girls, give guys the certainty that you’ll never leave them. You could be as nice as you want, ladies, just take the opportunity that when a guy says something disrespectful, be assertive. Take that opportunity because that’s the opportunity to show your value.

Your edginess as a nice girl is you showing guys negative emotions. Take the opportunities of them disrespecting you (because it’s gonna happen), by you not saying that you’re gonna walk away but by pulling away. I swear to God, it gives you an edge. Simple as that

By asserting yourself, by declaring your boundaries about what you will or will not accept (not by words but by your tension, your unavailability and your actions), you speak a lot louder than saying “You better not do that”. The general gist of it is to be the nice girl that you are and take advantage of the moments of disrespect because that’s when you show your strength.