How to Become His #1 Priority Even Though He Ghosted You In The Past!

One loyal patreon supporter asked me on how to become his #1 priority even though he ghosted her.

People who already went on a few dates with you, and then ghosted you for their ex without telling you, is really not good. It could really hurt you. And what you can only do is to become more present using mindfulness. 

Most of the time, we don’t know this. A lot of people are really not yet over with their exes, and these are the type of people that are not good to date. Why? It’s simply because you will not be their priority. You can not win with them when they are not over with somebody. It’s a losing battle. 

It doesn’t matter if you are good looking. Memories of the past are more powerful. Past memories have more power to blur what’s in front of you. Humans are naturally ungrateful creatures.