How to Become His #1 Priority Even Though He Ghosted You In The Past!

If he went on a few dates with you and ghosted you for his ex the only thing you can do about it is mindfulness and be present in the moment. There are a lot of people who are not over their exes and they’re the worst people to date because they can never prioritize you. You cannot win when he’s still not over somebody. It’s silly because no matter how attractive or highly valued you are you can still lose in the fight with your ex. So dating someone who’s not over their ex is just asking to get played.

You have to understand that for a guy to see you as a priority he has to feel one undeniable chemistry. Whenever you like somebody you have to think back to what they actually do to make him or her your number one priority. And when you really think about it, it’s just that you feel like you found the one and what I learn in life is you pretty much realize that within the first two or three dates.

Sometimes it would feel like you have great chemistry and you don’t wanna lose that because that’s rare and that’s something you have no control over. If somebody makes you the priority you could tell because they’re needy, they call you and text you, and sometimes they might overwhelm you with their presence but you might like them enough to find that a compliment.

Your responsibility is not to make him make you his number one priority but to make sure you’re not somebody’s second choice. In other words, you’ll be busy with this type of guy. For the next two weeks, you can’t see them and have valid reasons.

I want you to be skeptical about this guy and that skepticism will give you a more attractive aura. It comes down to not accepting being somebody’s second priority. If you’re not his number one priority, leave. Understand that having that mentality and being willing to actually leave is self-communicated in your non-verbal cues. Just having that willingness to leave somebody will be sensed and they’ll prioritize you.

Another thing you can do is in real life be super present and when texting is super hard to reach out to frustrate him. Take a whole day to respond sometimes or post stories and don’t respond. Do not be consistent but never be directly aggressive. Be passive-aggressive. But remember doing this with people who really don’t like you will make them like you but it may not last. You can’t really make a guy make you his priority and even if you can it will not last for long because you can’t ever beat natural chemistry.