How to Charm Men With Your Feminine Energy – Men Won’t Be Able to Resist

Today we’re gonna talk about how to use charms to get any guys to chase you. These are the strategies you can use when you have good intentions and your heart is in the right place. So mind you that charming is seducing a man without having sex. And I want you to realize that using charm as a form of seduction does not include your physical lore. Because seducing using your physical body is weak and short-minded and it’s very primitive.

So charming allows men to know you without being overly sexual. A charming woman knows how to enter a man’s spirit and reflect their ideal self through how they make them feel. It’s all about targetting the man’s vanity and self-esteem this is the areas where a man has very little control and you have more power to control it. You have to get them emotionally attached while you are detached. The feminine way of seducing has patience and passivity.

Another thing you can do is become a source of good emotions. Allow him to speak about his problems and please him. Try to provide pleasure as a way to distract them. Don’t talk about your problems but ask them. The way to do this is from the start to develop a reputation of honesty this will pattern everything you do.

One other way is friend zoning him but express your attraction towards them in your actions and set barriers. Say you’re just friends but act in a way that you really like him and you want to be with him. This will send him mixed signals. So everything you will do will be enhanced.

You can also be the one who listens to his complaints and be more of a support. And don’t outshine him, if you are really smart be quiet and listen. Act as if you don’t know much and listen to the guy rather than giving him advice ask about the thing that he does. This is flattery at his finest. You have to display curiosity about what he does this sometimes means lowering your light and letting them outshine you for a moment. Why? Because now when he feels like he has the shine you create space and let them feel not to be in the limelight.

The point is to create mystery through responding to them but not responding to them in self-fulfillment. It causes them to be curious because you don’t give them fulfilling answers. It’s about withholding things about so they naturally want to get to know you more. Once they feel your warmth enhance it by showing interest this allows you to amplify in his mind.