How to Control Your Emotions When you Interested In a Guy

A lot of people struggle when they feel emotion because they feel like they don’t have any other choice. Most of the time we think that expressing emotion will cure it but actually, it only makes things worst. The technique I recommend to relieve the emotion is the pen and paper technique wherein you feel the sensation of your emotion and you will write down your feeling, the result of emotion, and the tension it causes. Make sure you write slowly to really feel the sensation of the emotion you feel.

After doing this you will realize that the emotion you feel is just a conglomeration of physical sensations. Doing this more allows your body to process thing and not suppress it anymore.

That’s what being present is, you’re going into the raw experience, not into the mental label and the mental representation of this experience. You can also do it as meditation or as a cure for what you feel—allowing your body to clean out the negative emotions. Slowly you will also be conscious and when you do the emotion dissolve.