There are 4 types of coldness that we’re going to be addressing the first type of coldness that you see in a guy is when he likes you but he can’t express that he likes you. That type of coldness is something I don’t mind because that just means that he’s someone who doesn’t know how to communicate his emotions.

The next type of coldness is when he likes you and he is acting like he doesn’t and tends to see that as inconsistency. This is when he cancels on your or takes too long to respond which is unacceptable. The way you deal with that type of inconsistency is for you to become more inconsistent. Deal coldness with coldness. The only time this type of guy will show you that they like you is when you pull away.

Another type is a guy who doesn’t show any signs that he likes you. First of all, never chase a guy who never shows you that he likes you, and the reason why you will send too many signals without leaning back and letting things happen. Remember that if he is not showing signs chasing him will not make anything come out.

The last type is a psychopath or a narcissist the difference between these is narcissists can fake warmth but psychopath just don’t know how to show emotion. I recommend not to go out with people because they tend to do some things.

What I am trying to point out entirely is don’t deal with coldness. If he’s cold find somebody who will treat you nicer. And if you think you wanna chase him because he’s being cold realize that you don’t really like him and he’s just activating a projection.