How to Deal With Manipulative Men

Understand that you are dealing with people that are deceptive and the thing about deceptive people is that the good ones don’t look deceptive. The good ones are walking trojan horses, they provide something good on the outside once they enter you they pretty much destroy you. That’s why we are going to talk about how to deal with manipulative men because they’re all out there.

There is a different kinds of guys right the most important guys to watch out for are the few ones. The guys that promise you the world, the guys that speak to you sweet nothing, the guys that tell you “I miss you” but disappear on you for three of four days in a row. You see words are a smokescreen to hide people’s manipulative behavior. What they do is they find out what you wanna hear. I read a book about this and it says “although women are more likely to be sexual deceivers but men likely to be the commitment deceiver.” And throughout the years I’ve found out that you just tell them what they wanna hear and it will manipulate the women who are the most naive, jaded women who have a lot of emotional trauma, and women who have been sexually abused. Those women will believe those things a lot more than average women. 

So what you have to do to counter those kinds of moments is to develop rational negativity which means that you are rationally negativity. Not because you are negative but because you’re picking it up as a tool. You’re telling yourself that I’m not going to believe anything this guy tells me until he proves it to me. You just have to stop selling him to yourself and imagining that you too could work or he’s perfect if he doesn’t prove anything yet. And this prevents you from being manipulated and believing those promises. 

Another guy is the victim, the guy who tells you about his exes who played him, the guy who has a sob story, the guy who cries when things don’t go his way, and the guy who makes you guilty of bad. If you hear a guy being a victim you have the sensation to he is not like the other woman. Once you feel the desire not to be like the exes he talked about taking a step back right now you’re acting from manipulation. Playing the victim is one of the best strategies to gain power. 

Another thing manipulative thing guys do is separate you from your family and friends. If you hear a guy talking bad about your family and friends back off, call him out on it, and leave. They do that to split you up with them so you only have him. 

The next one is cheating, if a guy cheats once it’s over. The one type women tolerate is sex without emotional investment. And why do women fall for that? Because having sex with another girl without having emotional attachments is you still get the resources. 

Another one is gaslighting where they tell you the things you saw didn’t happen. When they try to make you feel guilty about what they did. And if you love him enough you might believe him. And when a guy starts gaslighting you this is the time where you gotta go and see a therapist and you began to question reality.

That’s how you deal with manipulative men you cannot show them mercy, you gotta be straight to the point, you will not believe them and you got to assume they’re lying to you.  Do that for most people until they prove to you what they’re saying is real.