Today, we’re going to talk about women’s unpredictability. I had a client who is dating this women and he tells me she’s very unpredictable. She goes up and down; one day she texts him and one day she doesn’t. It frustrates him and it gets him very emotional. It makes him feel irrational. And so let’s first talk about why women become unpredictable and how to deal with it.

Generally, women become unpredictable when they’re not over somebody in their lives. They’re with you but they’re not over their ex. The next thing is that she might not be as interested in you and she might be giving you a trial or she might be dating a whole bunch of guys and she kind of likes you so she wants to keep you around. And so her unpredictable behaviour, in reality, is just that she has other options. She might like you but she might like other guys.

So how do you deal with this unpredictability? If you don’t know how to deal with it, you could honestly end up resenting women. I’m not even kidding, that ends up happening.

The first thing’s first: you have to expect it. You have to expect women to pull away. You have to expect women to act completely irrational. you have to expect women to do things that make no sense. It’s important for you to expect that because it’s in their nature. They can’t help it. It’s not somethingt hat they can control with themselves. Expect it so it doesn’t catch you by surprise.

The second thing is to have a rational countermeasure. I mean consequences. If she takes a long time to text back, you do the same thing. If she cancels on a date, then you let her know that yu don’t like that. You check her and get a little cold on her.

The point is that you gotta have almost like a policy of things you will do depending on how much disrespect she shows. You gotta have a policy because they’re going to act in ways that make no sense and the reason sometimes they do that is to frustrate you and test you. You gotta show strength, remain centred and do not pursue a woman who’s being irrational. All you gotta do is pull away until she calms down. Pay attention to her once she’s acting the way you want her to act.