How To Develop Charisma

Anybody can develop an extraordinary quality, it just takes time and effort. Charisma will enhance the aura that you already have. So let’s talk about how to increase the charisma that you already have.

  1. Represent a cause. – It naturally increases your charisma. It increases your charisma more if what you’re representing is when you are also one of the victims.
  1. Be a leader – being a leader naturally gives you charisma. If you’re a competent leader at your job, people will respect you because of them reacting to your charisma.
  1. Contrast. – Find out what’s a natural quality about you. If you’re a masculine guy, try to adapt some feminine qualities and vice versa.
  1. Projecting a saintly aura – it’s very simple. Give a simple expression of being a complete dick but do anything that makes you look like an unselfish person will give you charisma.
  1. Speak through your eyes and non-verbals – Learn to say the opposite to what your eyes are saying. Practice in the mirror. It has an effect on people.