How to Develop High Value Verbal Game With Women

So this is how it goes, when I was doing the game I used a different method because I was desperate to get it right. And one of the methods I found out was saying less to women. If I just focus on speaking fewer words and speaking more with my body language and my looks I think the results get better. It’s about finding ways to speak without saying many words.

Another way to do it is by speaking words but doing the opposite body language. And what you do is as find as many ways of speaking without words and you feel more powerful for some reasons. You notice people will react to you more. 

So when you go out there to talk with women make an effort to speak with your eyes and body language. You can also say something in your words and say the opposite with your body language.

And one more thing is to speak slower and take a longer time to respond when you’re talking to people in front of each other like on a date or even when you’re texting. Less is more and longer is better. Learn to give a mischievous look. It may come across as evil to guys but in women, it looks seductive and attractive.