How To Discover A Woman’s Weakness

Now, I’m going to show you guys how to discover a woman’s weakness. I want you to be careful with this and I’m being serious about it: in every group, there’s always somebody that takes it too far so don’t go too far with this because there’s always a psychopath that abuses women, and I’m not a fan of that. Be careful how you do this because if you do this on a woman, sometimes, opening up certain things you don’t want to open up so be careful with this.

The first one is this: pay attention to a woman’s gestures and unconscious signals. Whenever you talk about a topic, pay more attention to a woman’s tone of voice and gestures than her own words herself.

The next one is finding the helpless child. Every single person and every one of our weaknesses were developed when we were children. Whenever you touch on certain topics or whenever you talk about certain things, you’ll notice that the person begins to act like a child. It could be any topic but find out what is the topic. What you could do is find out about the person’s past and try to find out as much about her childhood (like their relationship with their family and what they like about children)–this goes along with the first one in terms of looking at the person’s gestures but it’s more about paying attention to gestures and non-verbal cues but this is more about exploring their past).

Find out what they lack in the past as children. Be on the lookout for any behavior that you think you should have outgrown. If the person never had parental love, provide it. If the person, when they were a child, were always sheltered and lived a very boring lifestyle, provide her the adventure. This will regress her. When a person gets regressed, they’ll begin to act like a child and in women, in a feminine way around you because you’ll be the father figure that she never had.

The next one is to look for contrast. Whenever you see a woman that’s too feminine (or the opposite), just realize that the complete opposite is right behind you. whenever you see a woman who’s really shy, just realize that there’s a part of her that wants to be super extroverted. Whenever you see a woman that’s passive, just realized that there’s somebody that’s passive-aggressive deep inside of her.

Then, you could use it against her. So, if she’s super shy, all you gotta do is be the outgoing one–be the one that’s more charismatic. She’ll begin to look up to you because you’re somebody that she wants to be. If she’s somebody that has no ambitions, be the one that has the ambition because then she’ll begin to see herself in you because she wants to be that. Look for the contrast and realize that not everything that shines is gold.

The next one is to look for uncontrollable emotions. Every woman, in her past, has a certain emotion that she cannot control. Sometimes, all you got to do is ask her what’s the emotion she can’t control–sometimes, this is enough. Ask them the emotion that brings them unhappiness when they were a child or when they’re in a relationship. For some women, it could be that most of her boyfriends left her or that her dad wasn’t there so her uncontrollable emotion is the fact that she does not like the feeling of being abandoned. From time to time then you begin to pull away. For some, it’s jealousy, then all you gotta do is play on the jealousy card.

Find out who does she envy, what does she envy, what causes her the most unhappiness, and all of those things will reveal to you a woman’s weakness.