How to Find Out If a Guy DOESN’T Like Through His Text Messages

Today. we’re gonna talk about signs that a guy doesn’t like you through his texts. Because sometimes, if you want to save your time, if you’re able to tell if the guy likes you, if the guy isn’t really interested in you through text, that’ll be saved you a lot of time.

  1. Before sex, a guy will do everything right — if he wants something from you, he behaves. Your responsibility as a woman is to identify false advertisements. Guys who falsely say they like it when they don’t. Everyone is trying to lie to you.
  2. When they take a long time to respond — if they took more than 10 hours to respond, and then there’s always an excuse, that’s a red flag.
  3. Text messages are short — he could be one of the people who doesn’t like to text. If you’re seeing that blandness, that’s a wrap.
  4. Only hit you up to bang and no conversation over text — you’ll notice that they may do the whole taking a long time to respond, and the text messages are slow, and then as soon as they start developing feelings, you’ll notice that they’ll start texting you quicker. Everything changes.
  5. After sex, he’ll hit you up a few days later or a few weeks later — that’s not good. It could develop into relationships after sex. But if he doesn’t develop feelings, you are in a booty call.
  6. After the date, he doesn’t text you the night off or the next day — if you had great chemistry, he will text you.