How To Get A Guy To Put More Effort, Invest More, And Fall In Love – Evil Question

The question is what does he do when you pull away? Does he chase harder? Does he notice you getting distant but just ask what’s going on and doesn’t chase? Does he buy you more stuff but doesn’t chase? What is his response when you are getting distant?

When he invests in your after you pull away then he pulls back. It’s like he notices you getting distant and makes an effort to pull you back then pull out after everything is back to normal. If this pattern keeps happening it means he doesn’t like you. It means he’s only chasing you because he can’t have you it’s egoic.

But if you pull away and he chases and you don’t have to return applying their strategies that means he likes you. Remember that you can just do this as maintenance because if you need to do this all the time to keep it going to keep them interested that means he doesn’t like you.

If the guy didn’t fall in love with you in 4 months he will not love you in the following months doing much more is not making them fall for you. Give that time but if it’s not meant to be it won’t happen. If he doesn’t show that he loves you break up with him. Expect him to come back to chase you and you realize he was just saying that because he wants you back.

Remember when men really like you, you don’t have to wonder whether or not he loves you.