How to Get a Man To Chase After Sex (And its not what you think!)

Look, ladies, let’s first talk about why some men don’t return after sex, signs he might not chase you after sex, and after that, we’re gonna talk about what to do to keep him interested.

The first reason why guys didn’t return is they just didn’t like you physically. And that are the most obvious signs. The second is there is another woman. Third is you don’t look like your photos or you weren’t looking your best. The fourth sign is he just didn’t have any chemistry with you. The last one is just bad sex.

So what are the signs he might not chase you after sex? One is when he was raised where his mom and dad didn’t have a committed relationship. Two is when he is still not over his ex or he has just taken a break from his ex. Three is when he’s drinking a lot. Next is when you’re older than him. And make sure that you don’t meet them online.

Now, what do you do after you have sex with the guy? One makes sure that you protect yourself by not fantasizing about him. You have to prepare yourself for the inevitable disappointment. When you don’t fantasize about him, he’s gonna sense that distance, and that’s gonna make him chase you a lot harder. The next one is after the sex doesn’t text him or call him, let him be the one who messages you first. Let your unavailability and distance do the dirty work for you.

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