How to Get Him To Treat You Like a Queen

The first thing to get a man to treat you like a queen is you have to see yourself first as a queen. If you don’t treat yourself with dignity and respect you’re not gonna act the part and you’re gonna communicate weakness and people will test you. But if you communicate strength people will try to test you but if you maintain that standard you have for yourself people will sense that it’s real.

Remember, moments of disrespect are your moment to shine because then you have the justification to bring out your fangs. So when he does something disrespectful you pull away and when he comes back and tries to win you over you raise the price. And if he doesn’t do it then that means he doesn’t value you that much.

Now when you’re in a relationship with a guy you don’t stop dressing nice and you consistently make an effort to look nice. Because life is not about just getting something but maintaining it and if you’re complaining that means that you don’t think it’s worth it. Don’t show the work you’re putting in and try to make it look effortless.

So treat yourself like a queen and have the standards of a queen there will be someone out there who’s willing to pay that price. And you have to look for that guy because most guys are not willing and you should not take this as an insult. You have to understand that meeting people takes time and it’s not against you or your worth. So expect that some men will not treat you the way you wanted and you just have to push them away and not tolerate them.

One of the ways to expose whether or not he’s the guy that will treat you like a queen is to be the type of person that responds slowly. Take a day sometimes but if you’re with them don’t have your phone on you. Never fully commit and always be a step behind and make them feel that you can leave them any second. while making them feel that he has you. So you want to create that paradox where they feel like they have you and at the same time they don’t. Always have something that contradicts the good things that you do. Because that friction is what makes it happen.

Take times of disrespect as your way to shine. Whenever he disrespects you that’s your justified moment to pull away. So any moments of disrespect don’t complain about it and just pull away.

Remember, you want them to complain about the things you are doing. Because if they don’t then you’re doing something wrong or he doesn’t care much. But if he already complains and you already said you’re gonna fix it don’t repeat the behavior. Fix it until he f*cks up and all of a sudden you bring it back.

And that’s how you will make him treat you like a queen. You demand to be treated like a queen through the behavior that you tolerate and the behavior that you don’t tolerate. If he disrespects you, leave. You don’t force people to treat you like a queen you chose to observe if he’s the guy that will treat you like it and bring him into your life.