How To Get Over An Ex

Today I’m gonna be revealing to you the best cure for your broken heart. Most of the time when we’re broken-hearted it is because somebody dumped us or we’ve been cheated on. And I always say this when your heart is broken two things can happen it’s either you come up 30% better as an individual or you can come up worst.

By that I mean you will develop mentalities that are negative, self-destructive, and self-sabotaging. So what’s the cure for a broken heart? It is going into the pain. For most of our lives, we usually run from pain and we’re always trying to feel better. Then the root cause of why we do something destructive is we don’t want to feel what we are feeling at the moment. And the key to healing is to run towards the pain.

So how can you do that? Rather than distracting yourself about it feel the pain in its entirety. Why? Because by feeling the pain you allow your body to flush it out. Feel that pain and ask yourself “I wonder what’s going on inside of me right now.” I want you to locate that pain and notice its size, its energy, and the tension around that feeling. Now can you feel the space around that emotion that allows it to be there? Now that same space is your awareness and that allows your emotions and thoughts to be there.

By feeling the pain suddenly you’re not the emotion but the space around that emotion. Now you stepped out of it and now you’re stepping into power by simply observing the emotion. And while you feel that emotion you notice how it affects you physically and you realize that it is just your body tensing I want you to remember that your body is constantly changing.

Now I want you to begin taking the place of the observer than the one who experiences it because then that allows that emotion to naturally flow through you. Sometimes you might feel intensified but sometimes you don’t the whole point is you’re not resistant to the emotion anymore. You just don’t feel and react, you now feel, observe and react. Observing the pain will make you not resist it anymore and let me tell you once you stop resisting life it will start to work for you.