how to get the king’s treatment from a woman

So this video is split up into a few sections: first is how to project “Regality”, how to project your mentality and how to radiate your outlook, how to get a larger than life type of aura, so that when women see you women would sense the first layer of attraction. That’s what women sense when they meet men who they consider to be a high status. This video will teach you how to project that even without having social status. This will affect your body language and the way you speak and the way you behave, then second is Fashion, how to dress in a way even when you are low income, and last is your Behavior, what specific type of actions to inspire that type of aura. 

This is an in depth video so I recommend you watch and finish it because if you do this, then I promise you, you’re gonna give off a vibe that says you are destined for greatness.