How To Get The Relationship You Want

Women waste their time in relationships because they don’t have their priorities settled. They go from one relationship to another not in a strategic way, but in a reactive way.

They go into a relationship not because of the traits of the person, but because of feeling certain emotions at the moment.

They don’t think about how this person can affect their future. They don’t think about how this person’s traits and circumstances match up with their future goals.

When you want something really badly, it narrows the scope of your vision. You begin to focus on the moment and, as a result, you make decisions that f*** you up for the future.

You sacrifice yourself for the sake of the relationship and when he dumps you, you realize that you’ve wasted your time.

People waste time in relationships because they don’t have a grand strategy.

Instead of reacting emotionally to people, evaluate someone’s worth based on how you project them in the future. Base it on how you think they’re going to be.

You’ve got to have a specific vision of how you want your relationships to be. Make sure to notice in the vision if you are happy or not.

Make it a vision where you don’t have to do any tactics. Make a vision of a guy who meets your standards.

See that vision vividly every day. Meditate on that.

As soon as it becomes an obsession, all of your decision-making will become infinitely easier. You don’t have to decide based on how the person makes you feel. You decide based on your vision.

When a guy does something, you think about how this affects your future. You think about whether or not he’s the kind of guy that you want.

Your decision-making will be automatic.