How to Go From Needy Nice Girl To a Bad Ass B!tch

  1. How to not get punked

This is just simple always keep your hand on your sword at all times. Never keep your hand out of the sword not even from a friend. And what I mean by that is always be willing to walk away no matter how far you’ve gone with that person. Internally you should know you’re willing to walk away because that will emanate strength and people will feel. If you continue giving people chances they’re going to take you for granted. What happens if you stand up to people they will value, listen, and respect you more.

  1. Eliminating nice girl energy

The biggest detriment in all of this is your emotional reaction to the person not wanting you. And the problem is you have to show it at the moment they don’t want you that’s where it got messed up even if you have a good strategy and the moment comes you need to apply it you still react. So how is it done? I call it becoming aware of your moment of need. Start with the subtle moments first, this our the moments in our daily lives that we neglect to feel and externalize them through distraction. These moments of need emit this little signal that causes you to act needy.

What you gotta do becomes aware of the moments when you are needy. If you feel it you take a step back and observe it. Now when you’re aware of it you have to option to take other action. And the behavior that takes place is more relaxed, more controlled, more attractive, and less needy. This is something you practice in time and your mindfulness.

  1. Focus on his actions, not his words

Focus on his actions and not his words. Why? Because that’s how passive-aggressive and narcissistic people convince you that you’re wrong. Words are smokescreens that are used to distract you from his actions. Remember that the words main said to you are just to lower your defenses. Now if you notice a conflict between their words and their actions you always have to focus on their actions. How they will act at the time you need them or do they do what they say. Some people say promises because they are in the moment but they don’t mean it that’s why you shouldn’t focus on words.

  1. Bad bitch phrases to make him chase

These can be used in a relationship but it is better when you’re dating or chatting. So the first line is letting them know you’re seeing other people. The reason why with do this is that it makes them competitive it makes them realize that they’re not the only ones. Especially when you cancel on a date or you said you’re busy it makes them think even more about you because they will think if you’re with somebody else.

Second thing is to tell them that even how nice you are around them it doesn’t mean you like them but it was just your nature. Letting them know that that’s just how you make them think they cannot take the signals because that’s just how you are. This makes them more uncertain and it makes them doubt their thoughts and doubt their belief systems. After that, you change the subject.

The third one is when the guy asks you if you wanna hang out again rather than saying yes you say hmm maybe, I’ll let you know, or I’ll check my schedule. And after you’re home be cold, don’t text or call him too much but suddenly pop out of nowhere. This work will make them wonder if they like you.

  1. The Art of Mental Inception

This qualification is all about saying a statement that disqualifies him as a suitable individual to be your partner. Like putting him in a friend zone or saying your type is the opposite of how he looks. Something he cannot change into and that will make him feel the competition. And sometimes point to a guy that kinda looks like him and told him he’s your type. For this work, you have to be his friend. That’s one thing.

Next is to create sexual tension when you do this he will crave for you. He will start imagining and his body is gonna react as such and he gonna feel that desire. But since you’re friends he cannot reach around it he is gonna burn with passion and when this happens you idolize the person and you fall in love.