How To Hypnotize ANY MAN Into Falling In Love With You FOREVER (The Arts Of Seduction)

You better be careful when doing this. This will make any man obsessed with you if you do it on the right guy. I’m just giving you guys a warning because what may end up happening is that the same man you wanted because he was so distant from you, he might end up losing respect for you because of how much he’ll be chasing you. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. So be careful who you do this on because the effects of this on a guy can last a lifetime.

When I talk about how to hypnotize a guy into loving you, I’m not talking about how to use a little pendulum and make him look at you. What I’m talking about hypnotism is that it’s all about making you relax, narrowing the scope of your vision so that you could focus on one stimulus. If you become relaxed, your focus increases and you become susceptible to suggestion. What this is all about in regards to falling in love is about hypnotizing him where he’ll focus exclusively on your voice. He’ll forget every other woman that exists and you’ll become the primary focus of his life.

The problem is this: naturally when a guy has a lot of options, it’s hard for him to stick with one woman. When a man has an average amount on options or if he’s a guy that women want but not as much as every other woman, like a random dude, when you apply this to him, it will work but this does not work if that dude has options all the time.

What we’re gonna be teaching is how to create anxiety. How to make him anxious to hear from you, how to make him anxious to talk to you. When he has other women in the peripheral and he doesn’t know you too well, his anxieties will not be relieved by you. It’ll be relieved by any other women. You want a guy who has a limited amount on options, that’s the kind of guy this will work with.

What we want to be able to do is change his inner voice and exchange it with your inner voice. Exchange his inner image wherein he cannot see himself without you being in the picture. That’s a very intense process but generally, that’s the goal and the way to do that is to give him the illusion of competition–making him feel that other men are threatening to take you. Make him feel the presence of other men because by simply doing that, this will raise your value and make yourself more alluring.

The first step is very simple, you first wanna make him feel like he has a chance with you. You want to get his attention first. Very simple stuff just to make him know you like him. Why? We’re not gonna make the first move though. What we want him to do is to make the first move. Under no circumstance that you’re gonna make the first move because as soon as you do it, you reveal your cards and you literally destroy any anxieties that you could’ve trigger because guys know this: women show interest but they easily lose interest the next day.

It’s okay if you show a guy interest, it’s okay to show him that you like him simple to get him to chase. You do not verbalize that you like him. You could tell other people but do not directly tell him that you like him. If you’re in a relationship with him then it’s okay. You could show him the love that you have, you can keep showing him interest, you could do everything. That’s it right, you first want to make him feel like he likes you.

After you get his interest, you want him to chase after you, right? So, for at least a month or so, you got to create a pattern. You’re gonna get him used to a way of behavior. You’re gonna text him often. You want him to have a false sense of security. You want him to feel like he got you in his hand.

As long as he initiated the contact, the calling, then you could take it a step further and be a sweet person. Be nice. Show him that you like him so then you could just switch up that pattern and show him the other side of your personality. By doing that, it shakes him off his boots and it makes him more susceptible to your control.

Now, let’s talk about breaking the pattern. One of the most important factors in all of this is that you got to put him in a sexually competitive state. I made a lot of videos about this but a quick summary: it’s all about mentioning all the guys in your life. When you like the guy, you like to let him know that he’s all yours, that he has nothing to worry about and that he has you completely but that has a paradoxical effect: it makes him calm and complacent. It makes him take advantage of you in the sense that he doesn’t really appreciate you so what you want to do is to make him feel like he’s the one who pulled you away from the other guys. What you want to do is get other men in his head. Make him feel like you have more guy friends than female friends. Make him feel like you get along with men more than women. Why? It’s because it raises your value naturally.

In the midst of you making him confident, making him feel like he has you and making him feel like you’re the one that’s chasing, you’re lowering his guard but when you mention other guys in your life, there’s an insecure part of him that’ll slowly arise and that you will trigger when you break this pattern.

So, we created the pattern, we got him to feel like he has you, we got him to feel like he has some control over you because you’re showing interest, now this is when the fun begins: you’re gonna stop all that. Before stopping all of it, you’re gonna let him know that you’re busy and that you have things to do. Also, before pulling away, you want to cancel a date. Set a pattern and then slowly pull away. This will completely devastate a guy and destroy his confidence.

So now, you have him thinking of you, he’s not sure what can happen after this. The reason why I say it because we all know what’s gonna happen. Naturally, we assume what’s gonna happen. Why? It’s because it happened to all of us. This is the natural progression when a relationship is about to die: you slowly distant yourself and when you do that, all of a sudden, you become a figment of the guy’s imagination. He can’t fully grasp you with his hands so his mind will begin to relive those good moments and when you do that, he begins to hypnotize himself. He begins to create little fantasies about you, how great the relationship was. He’ll begin to convince himself of the great times that you had.

The key to this is you gotta be willing to let him suffer a little bit. In fact, if you really want to go deep, you wanna break up with him. Now look, most people will not do this but if you really want to see how good this works, do it on the guys that you don’t have that many emotions for and watch what happens–just as a test drive so when it comes down to the guy that you really like, he becomes fully in love with you.

This thing is this though: this is a high risk-high reward. Some people will not deal with this and that’s why you got to assess the kind of guy that you have and if you think that he has a low tolerance for this kind of bullshit, I recommend you to keep that distance for at least a week and you repeat the process from time to time because that’s what he wants you to do. He wants to desire you. He wants to feel like he has something unique and special and this is how you give that to him.

When you return to him, you’ll notice something. You’ll notice that his interest will rise, he’ll begin to see you with different eyes, he’ll want to do more to you, he’ll want to take you out more, call you more and conversate with you more. If you want to keep that control, don’t validate him. If you want to keep that control, control the way you look at him. From time to time, you want to give him that love and then you want to take it away.

This is traumatizing. This is fucked up. This is playing with a man’s emotions but as long as he’s not a verbally abusive person, as long as he’s not a physically violent person, you could do this and you could get away with this. Just make sure that you don’t do this on physically violent people. Don’t do that, it will backfire on you. You might get hurt.

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